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What Are Some Characteristics Of Native American Art?

Native American art encompasses the artwork created by indigenous people in North (including the Arctic), Central, and South America, spanning from the Lithic stage beginning in 18,000 BC up into the present. Much of the oldest Native American art was produced on plant and animal-based materials and has not survived the passage of time as well as contemporaneous stone tips, tools, and petroglyphs (rock paintings). Nevertheless, many artifacts remain that are exceedingly old, and modern Native American art continues to be produced. The demand for these beautiful and unique pieces in museums and private collections has made Native American art renowned across the world. If you are interested in honoring the traditions and culture of these people by becoming a...

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Who Is A Famous Native American Artist?

Native American art is just as alive today as it was before European colonization throughout the Americas triggered the decline of their unique civilizations and empires. Regulated to reservations for decades and still wandering through the reverberations of institutional injustice today, Native Americans have nonetheless left an indelible mark on present western society - perhaps most evidently through art. Some have done so through traditional forms, others by more modern conventions, but when viewing the amalgamate all come into focus as an unbroken chain connecting one distinct identity. We’re passionate about Native American art at C & D Gifts in New Mexico, and love sharing their unique and beautiful traditions with the world. One way we can do this is...

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Beginners Guide to Collecting Native American Pottery

Beginners Guide to Collecting Native American Pottery     A lot of Native American Pottery collectors start off by being attracted to “Southwest” themes and are attracted to pottery that has that Southwest feel but isn’t necessarily Native American. We know, because that is how we started, later realizing that it was really Native American pottery that we loved and not just Southwest designs. This guide is meant to help the true beginner who has found themselves attracted to Native American pottery but has a desire to educate themselves first before buying or investing too much. True Native American pottery is a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It takes an enormous...

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Native American Art Trends - 2019

Native American Art Trends – 2019 By Doug Thresher Below are some trends and just general observations I’ve been thinking about in regards to the Native Arts Industry. Specifically pottery, since that is what we mostly deal in.   Collectors are aging and downsizing: In looking at the demographics of our website visitors, the age group is primarily 55 and up. Baby boomers make up most of Native American Art collectors these days. A lot of them are de-cluttering and downsizing their collections only keeping their most prized pieces. This is helping flood the market with art which is keeping prices flat.   Collectors are passing away: Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger and in keeping...

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2019 Indian Markets & Native American Art Shows - New Mexico

Here is a list for upcoming Indian Arts & Crafts Shows for New Mexico for 2019. If we missed any, please feel free to contact us and we will update the list!   Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow Expo New Mexico Fair Grounds April 25th-27th     TeePee Celebration & Indian Arts Festival Loretto Park in Historic Bernalillo May 4th & 5th   Jemez Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show Red Rocks at Jemez Pueblo May 25th-27th (Memorial Day Weekend)   Native Treasures Art Market Santa Fe Convention Center May 25th - 27th  (Memorial Day Weekend)   Poeh Summer Arts Market Poeh Cultural Center 78 Cities Of Gold Rd., Santa Fe June 29th - 30th

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