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Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Acoma Pueblo is a Native American Pueblo approximately 60 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Traditional Hand Coiled Acoma Pottery is typically made of thin walled white clay gathered from the local region. Traditional designs include Rainbow bands, Parrots, Deer, and Geometric patterns including fine line designs. Paints are made from plants and minerals and are typically orange, brown and black although some artists have discovered how to make new vibrant colors from natural slips. Some patterns symbolize rain, lightning, clouds and mountains. Traditional firing is done outdoors in a pit, although some modern pots are fired in a kiln. Some notable historic potters of Acoma are Lucy Lewis, Francis Torivio, Marie Chino, Jesse Garcia, and Juana Leno. Some more contemporary artists are Barbara & Joseph Cerno, Dorothy Torivio (d), Sandra Victorino, Rebecca Lucario, Grace Chino, Franklin Peters,  Judy Lewis, Marilyn Ray, Frederica Antonio, Melissa Antonio, Delores Juanico, Carmel Lewis, Dolores Lewis - Garcia, Flo & Lee Vallo and many many more!


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