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Navajo Pottery

The Navajo are a Native American people of the Southwestern United States. Navajo pottery can be divided into two groups. Traditional handmade pottery which is hand coiled with little to no designs and then covered in pine pitch so that it can be used to carry water without damaging the clay. There is also Ceramic greenware which is cast in a mold and then hand painted and hand etched in contemporary designs. Horsehair pottery is another popular style by the Navajos, which is created by dropping individual strands of horsehair onto a red hot piece of pottery burning in a unique pattern on the surface of the pottery. There are some potters now who are mixing the style by hand coiling the pottery and the doing very intricate fine etching in the pots. Wallace Nez is one of these potters, as well as upcoming artist Gerald Pinto. Another Navajo artist who hand coils and uses natural paints is Ida Sahmie. Rose Williams and her daughters Alice Cling & Susie Crank Williams are probably the most well known for making pine pitch pottery along with very creative and award winning artist Samuel Manymules.

Navajo (Dine') Tribe Pottery.


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