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San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery

San Ildefonso Pueblo ("where the water cuts through") is one of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico. It is most well known for the most famous Native American potter of all time, Maria Martinez. Potters from San Ildefonso specialize in stone polished blackware and redware and some polychrome pottery. Shapes will include plates, bowls, water jars and storage jars. Some artists use stones (mainly turquoise or coral) to decorate their pottery and some are now using heishi bands to compliment the pieces. Noted potters include Maria Martinez, Julian Martinez, Popovi Da, Tony Da, Rose Gonzales, Tonita Roybal, Carmelita Dunlap and Blue Corn. Some contemporary potters include Martha Appleleaf, Barbara Gonzales, Doug & Charlotte Vigil, Erik Fender, Russel Sanchez and others. Traditional Hand Coiled San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery.


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