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Zuni Pueblo Pottery

Zuni Pueblo is one of the 19 Native American Pueblos of New Mexico located about 150 miles West of Albuquerque. Although Zuni is well known for it's Indian jewelry and carved stone fetish's, they also make some fabulous pottery! Many symbols you will find on Zuni pottery are Frogs, Deer, Tadpoles, Lizards and Dragonflies. The pottery is typically made from white clay with red, orange and black paints made from natural sources. Many of the pots include three dimensional animals protruding from the pots! Zuni pottery was revived by Daisey Hooee who is the Granddaughter of famed Hopi potter Nampeyo of Hano. Some of the more contemporary artists are Agnes Peynetsa, Anderson Peynetsa, Carlos Latte, Noreen Simplicio, Marcus Homer, Deldrick Cellicion, Tony Lorenzo, Jaycee Nahohai and many more! Traditional Hand Coiled pottery from Pueblo of Zuni.


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