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Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Jemez Pueblo is a federally recognized tribe located in North Central new Mexico approximately 50 miles Northwest of Albuquerque. Jemez is one of the 19 remaining Pueblos of New Mexico. Jemez pottery is known for it's red & buff colors with a combination of matte & stone polished finishes. Pottery styles are influenced by their neighbor the Zia Pueblo since for a time there was no pottery made in Jemez, but purchased from Zia instead.

You will see a broad range of pot types from Jemez including Wedding Vases, Melon Bowls, Storytellers, Animal Figurines, Koshari Clowns, Seed Pots, Kiva Step Bowls, Prayer Bowls and Friendship Pots.

Artists that are well known from Jemez include Juanita Fragua, Mary Small, Glendora Fragua, Alvina Yepa, Marcella Yepa & Emma Yepa, Kathleen Wall, Marcus Wall, Leonard & Emily Fragua Tsosie, Laura Gachupin, Dominique Toya, Maxine Toya, Bonnie Fragua, Darrick Tsosie, Lupe Lucero, Leatrice Loretto, Caroline Sando, Pauline Romero, Gabriel Gonzales and many others!

Among Pueblo members it is known as Walatowa. Traditional Hand Coiled Jemez Pueblo Pottery.


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