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May 2018 Featured Artist - Mida Tafoya

Mida Tafoya

Santa Clara Pueblo


Mida Tafoya was born in 1931 and has been making pottery since 1944. She specializes in traditional stone polished carved bowls, vases and wedding vases. She digs his clay from the Santa Clara Reservation, uses natural slips, natural paints and fires her pottery outdoors. She was taught by her mother Christina Naranjo. She is the sister of Mary Cain (d) and Teresita Naranjo (d). She has pots in collections around the world including the Smithsonian Museum. Mida has seven children who are all potters. Ethel Vigil, Dona Tafoya, Sherry Tafoya, Red Bird Tafoya, Robert Tafoya, Phyllis Tafoya and Cookie Perez.

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