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Reconnecting with our Artists

C & D Gifts Native American Art, LLC has been in business since 2003. However, during the recession things came to a stop and we started running the business more like a hobby than a real business. We stopped buying Native American Pottery and just lived off our inventory for quite some time. This caused us to lose touch with many of the Indian artists that we would regularly buy from. After making the decision to get back in the game and ramp the business back up, it's been an interesting journey trying to reconnect with our artists. Last week we went to Santa Clara Pueblo. It was a struggle to remember where everyone lived. We managed to find a few (Mida Tafoya, Stella Chavarria & Sammy Naranjo), but we also learned sad news of some that are no longer with us. (Billy Cain (pictured), Mary Scarborough & Christine Nieto). Luckily we still have a piece of each of theirs in our personal collection! We left business cards on the doorways of many who were not home and the phone is now starting to ring. As we continue our journey to reconnect we will keep you posted and you should start to see many new treasures being added to our site!

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  • Steve Williamson

    I am really interested in Chaco replica pottery like that made by Lee and Flo Vallo. I saw their work at the Chaco Hotel. Can you help me get in touch with them? I’ve looked everywhere to no avail and would appreciate your help. If you have any Chaco designed pottery please let me know. I’m looking for the tall cylinder vases.
    Thank you.

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