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What is "Spalling" in Native American Pottery?

Spalling is a common issue that occurs on Native American pottery, particularly on pieces that were created prior to the introduction of kiln-firing techniques. It is a process in which small pieces of the pottery's surface break off or flake away, often resulting in the gradual deterioration of the piece over time. Understanding the causes and mechanisms of spalling is essential for preserving and maintaining these cultural artifacts for future generations. One of the primary causes of spalling on Native American pottery is the exposure of the pottery to environmental factors, such as changes in temperature and humidity. This is particularly true for pieces that were created using the traditional method of pit firing, which involves burying the pottery in...

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Reconnecting with our Artists

C & D Gifts Native American Art, LLC has been in business since 2003. However, during the recession things came to a stop and we started running the business more like a hobby than a real business. We stopped buying Native American Pottery and just lived off our inventory for quite some time. This caused us to lose touch with many of the Indian artists that we would regularly buy from. After making the decision to get back in the game and ramp the business back up, it's been an interesting journey trying to reconnect with our artists. Last week we went to Santa Clara Pueblo. It was a struggle to remember where everyone lived. We managed to find a...

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